EMS Navigation

improves response time and increases accuracy for emergency rescue units to reach patient.

Safty Ambulance Module

Sends the exact location of the ambulance as well as live images of patient's condition from the ambulance to command center.

Patient Monitoring Module

During transit, doctors at command center can constantly monitor patient's vital signs via Realtime.

Communication Module

Provides two-way communication between doctors at command center and ambulance staff.

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Safety Ambulance Module (SAM)

A system that enables EMS staff to operate more efficiently.

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Ambulance Tracking

Makes ambulance's exact location and patient's information constantly accessible on one screen.

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Storage and Real Time Snapshot

Records incidents inside ambulance offline and transmits the data to command center via Realtime

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Automatic Crash Notification

Alerts command center through dashboard or wall TV in case the ambulance runs into an accident.

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Push Destination

Accurate ETA allows command center's staff to effectively schedule for the next ambulance operation.


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IT Assist Operation

Assists in emergency transport and treatment of patient and referral for further treatments if necessary.

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Care in transportation

Minimizes risks of life lost during transfer to hospital.

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Cloud Operation Management

Centralizes ambulance operations in large-scale emergency situations such as during a natural disaster..

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Ambulance Operation Management

Systematic recording of patient's condition and medical personnel's inputs eliminates additional work for hospital staff in acquiring these data.

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Low Bandwidth data usage

With combining technology to low bandwidth data ,it can continuously rely messages using less mobile internet data.

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Any Patient Monitor integrate

Able to connect with other medical equipment such as visual life and defibrillator.


Ambulance Tracking and send location every1 sec.30 sec.
ETA Estimated Time to ArrivalYESNO
Realtime snapshot and send to server and workstation image transmission.Every 4 Sec.Live DVR Streaming
Resolution of Offline recorderFULL HD 1080x1920pHD 720x1080p
Emergency Physician IT Assist OperationEMS, Referral network and fast track protocolNO
Ambulance Crash Notification System (ACNS)Yes indicated by Sensor and push notificationsNO
Integrated with exiting Patient Monitor and DefibrillatorYESNO
Centralise communication system (Combine with VHF and GSM)YESNO
Mobile Internet connection1 Sim3 Sim
Connect with HIS (Health Information System)YESNO
Dashboard Display ScreenYESNO
Ambulance ProfileYESNO
Staff Profile (Doctor, Nurse, EMT, Paramedic)YESNO
Profile of medical equipment on ambulanceYESNO
Support and integrate with Smart City solutionYESNO
It has patient and victims sharing location mobile application YESNO
Provide all smart device application iOS, Android,YESNO
Support cross OS platformYESNO

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